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Best Diagnostic Partner in Your Care

Provision Diagnostic Imaging is a key partner of your care team, providing your doctor the best possible picture of what is happening inside your body. We do this through many different diagnostic imaging procedures, depending on whether your doctor needs to see images of your bones, joints, other tissues, or even cancer. Provision works closely with your doctor, providing timely images and communication to your doctor to make the best diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

Our Commitments to You

We remain very involved in the diagnostic imaging industry to provide the best procedures available to our region. We are considered experts in our field and offer many benefits to you.

  • Patient Choice

    You can choose to have your imaging procedure wherever you wish. When your doctor prescribes imaging, ask them to schedule it at Provision Diagnostic Imaging.

  • Technology

    We utilize our global partnerships to offer the latest imaging technology, which helps ensure the best possible outcome for patients.

  • Convenience

    We are not located in a hospital and offer free parking with just a short walk to our outpatient center.

  • Patient Experience

    Provision has established new standards of excellence through its Culture of Care. Our compassionate team respects the dignity and value of every person

  • Affordability

    Because we are a free-standing, outpatient imaging center, our procedures can cost up to 60% less than the same procedures at a hospital.