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Collaborative Care for Better Outcomes

Physicians gain many benefits when they partner with Provision Diagnostic Imaging. As a leader in diagnostic expertise and patient care, we are driven to create customized and seamless partnerships with our referring physicians to provide the best care for patients. We believe this collaborative care delivers better outcomes for both our referring physicians and patients.

A nurse shares a smile and laugh with a patient

Provision Diagnostic Imaging
Distinguished Benefits

  • Pre-Authorization

    We provide this necessary service to save time for our referring physicians’ office staff. We contact the patient’s insurance provider to verify benefits and secure authorization for payment. This saves your office time and helps advance the patient to their appointment as quickly as possible, resulting in more timely care and better outcomes.

  • Assurance of Diagnostic Partner Expertise

    We are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). We are also members of the Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), which strengthens our awareness, education, and participation in leading technology advanced, clinical trials, and provider access.

  • Fast & Easy Scheduling

    Easy scheduling for patients saves time for your office staff. Visit our “Refer a Patient” page to download our order form and fax it directly to our schedulers.

  • Timely Appointments

    Timely imaging appointments improve physician’s care for patients. Since we are not competing with the imaging demands of hospital or emergency patients, we can offer availability sooner than a hospital imaging center.

  • 24-Hour Image Results

    Timely imaging results allow for more timely care from physicians. We offer results and diagnostic images within 24 hours of business days.

  • Advanced Technology

    Physician access to the advanced technology can improve care for patients. We are dedicated to providing the latest technology available to providers and patients for the best possible diagnosis and treatment planning. In fact, Provision Diagnostic Imaging was the first imaging center in the region to offer PSMA PET/CT for prostate cancer patients.

  • Patient Experience

    Research consistently confirms positive patient experience correlates with better health outcomes. We understand the patient experience at our center is a reflection of you through your referral. That’s why we respect the dignity and value of every person, including you, your office staff, and patients.

  • Customized Care

    Patients will benefit from better outcomes through our collaborative care. We work with our referring partners to customize each patient’s care based on the conditions of a patient’s medical diagnosis; mental and emotional conditions; and dependency of caregivers as it relates to their visit at our center. We consider timely and clear communication with our referring partner a key to successful collaborative care.